Ubisoft blowing their credibility on early Wii games?

Infendo reader Clunky Robot shares his buggy experience with poopsky Ubisoft software in the form of Far Cry: Vengeance for Wii. He writes: “Here’s some advice for Ubisoft, the developers of the game: Next time, put your game ending, system crashing bugs at the beginning of your games. That way, when I’m forced to stop playing because your game is so poorly designed it won’t be as big of a deal.”

Ouch! He goes on to suggest what I’ve been thinking all along in that Ubisoft may have rushed most of their early Wii games out the door just to earn a quick buck while other publishers took a wait and see approach with the motion-sensing console (a lackluster Red Steel and GT Pro Series come to mind). I’ve really liked Ubisoft as a developer in the past, but I’ve gotta say I’m a bit disappointed with the quality of their early Wii titles, and I’m not just talking about controversial game reviews. They need to step it up or another publisher will.

[Thanks, Clunky and Cdub]