Twilight Princess first impressions: It rocks

While the American video game press corps plays Zelda to their little hearts content in Seattle Redmond this week, they do so under a Nintendo embrago, unable to report whether or not they enjoyed this latest version of Link. The embargo lifts late this week, apparently, but that didn’t stop some Japanese pubs from putting their first impressions up on the Net. In a word, they say it rocks (summaries by Kotaku’s Japan-based blogger Brian Ashcraft).

Game Watch

Flicking or shaking it causes Link to attack. Game Watch noted that the controller is light and does not cause the wrist to get tired after extended play. Play is intuitive, and Link moves smoothly. Controlling Wolf Link is like controlling human Link. The game’s graphics, they liked them. The site states, “Controlling Link and moving the controller and seeing Link synchronize with the movements was a different kind of exhilaration from anything out there.” Game Watch calls the one-two compatibility punch of Twilight Princess and the Wii-mote “preeminent.” In short, they dug it.


The website writes, “The oneness with the character has improved greatly than a past controller.” Take mini games, like fishing, which are done with the Wii remote. They called the Wii-mote operation “more intuitive.” Buttons are for things like jumping. While the new controller and nunchaku are for moving and attacking. Likewise, they couldn’t say enough good things about the game. The November 10th issue of Famitsu will feature a more in-depth look on paper. So you can touch it.

[Via Kotaku]

UPDATE:: Now you can watch some lucky stiffs actually playing TP for the first time at the web site.