Top Casino Games Found in Mario Bros. Titles

Top Casino Games Found in Mario Bros. Titles

Top Casino Games Found in Mario Bros. Titles

Nowadays, online gaming is one of the most popular sources of entertainment for all the gaming lovers. Today, players love to play various video games on their desktops, smartphones for fun as well as with real money. Vegas Mobile Casino is providing the players with the same features and graphics on their smartphones as they could see in real video games. In many of the video games, casino slot games are being used, Nintendo’s Mario Bros. series is one of them. The Mario Bros. creators have introduced various casino games for the players adapting to bonus or mini-games.

Here are some of the online and mobile casino games that the players can play in various Super Mario games.

Super Mario 64 DS: This is one of the video Poker game featuring Luigi’s table games in its Mario series named ‘Super Mario 64 DS’. Like most of the poker games, the player will get the five cards in hand and the main aim of the game is to get five cards stronger than your opponent. Vegas Mobile casino gives you an option of exchanging some of your cards or all the cards and the same option is available to the opponent as well. Later, all the cards are shown on the table and you win the cash prize according to the hand you have compared to your opponent.

Roulette: Super Mario 64 DS also features Mushroom Roulette where you can find a traditional betting mat with red and black icons and a Roulette wheel with same red and black icons. Luigi will begin the game by rolling the wheel once you place the bet that can start from 5 coins. Like mobile casino games of Roulette, you can place your bet on the line between the two icons as well as on the junction of four symbols. The players get the prize if the icon on the wheel matches the one they bet for and the game ends once they are out of coins.

Slot Machines: Unarguably, the slots are the most famous and more common that appears virtually in every instalment of the game franchise. Like real slots in online mobile casino games, the slots in Mario series can be found. Started from one-reel slot, the Mario slot series has come a long way. Now the game has the features of any real-time slot game like pay lines, multiple reels and various winning combinations.

Blackjack: New Super Mario Bros.’ for Nintendo DS features Luigi-Jack, a table card game which is played as any traditional Blackjack game. The main aim of the game is to get to or get closer to the total of 21 faster than your opponent. The game typically starts with 30 coins initially, and the winning prize depends on how many cards you use to make a total of 21. Blackjack is also available to play in Super Mario RPG on the SNES.

There are many more mobile casino games on Mario Bros. titles which are amazing Mario theme adaptation of traditional casino games