Top 5 DS Games

Okay. We’re finally starting to feel a little better around here. Zelda is delayed, so we’ll rock it when it comes out next year. (man Nintendo, you gotta us wrapped around your finger… but you do make great games.)

Speaking of games, what are the top 5 DS games both present and future? The DS buzz is catching like wildfire with even mass consumers interested in the system and it’s games. The mic is yours…


  1. Present

    1. WarioWare Touched
    2. Super Mario 64 DS


    1. Animal Crossing DS
    2. Advance Wars DS
    3. Mario Kart DS

  2. Present:

    1) Yoshi touch n’ GO!
    2) Polarium
    3) Another Code:Two Memories

    1) Animal Crossing DS
    2) Mario Kart DS

  3. Well, I can’t really judge games that haven’t played yet. But I can sure try!

    1. New Super Mario Bros.
    2. Pac N’ Roll
    3. Mario Kart
    4. Animal Crossing
    5. Kirby Canvas Curse

  4. 1. meteors
    2.advance wars super mario
    4.mario kart
    5.super mario 64


  5. I’ll take a stab at what my list *might* look like by the end of the year….

    1. Electroplankton
    2. Mario Kart DS
    3. Advanced Wars: Dual Strike
    4. Meteos
    5. Kirby: Canvas Curse

    Quick question since we’re talking about DS. Would it be possible to “borrow” someones wifi when the DS online service comes out? Like say if I were at a coffee shop with wifi or airport or something? Or is there like drivers or a program you have to install on the computer? I currently don’t have wifi so I’m not entirely sure how that all works. But I definately will by years end, however if a neighbor or something has an open connection maybe i’ll wait a bit longer =)

  6. You mean meteos

  7. Present:
    1. Meteos
    2. Kirby Canvas Curse

    1. Castlevania DS
    2. Mario Kart DS
    3. Mario & Luigi 2

  8. Future:
    1. New Mario Bros (wi-fi?)
    2. Zelda DS
    3. Animal Crossing DS (hopefully with audio chat)
    4. Mario Kart DS
    5. Castlevania DoS

    Current: Only own Mario 64 right now but I plan on getting these first:
    1. Jump Superstars
    2. Nintendogs
    3. Kirby Canvas Curse
    4. Meteos
    5. Goemon

  9. I thougt i would never see anyone excited about castlevania…

    Wish list:
    Castlevania DS
    one of the reasons why i purchased a DS

    Advance wars

    ?? are ther any good RPG coming out for the DS??

  10. Present:

    1.Daigassou! Band Brothers
    4.Kirby Canvas Curse
    5.Another Code/Trace Memory


    1.Animal Crossing
    3.Mario Kart DS
    4.Jam with the Band (both EU and US)
    5.Advance Wars DS

    I think you can only “borrow” the WiFi connection if it is properly set up for the DS and open…but then you probably can…..but we don’t really no for sure as there’s so little known about it…

  11. WiFi is the tagword Nintendo uses for 802.11 wireless, Apple uses AirPort and others have their own names for the standard.

    The main reason WiFi was chosen by Nintendo is that it should be more-or-less the easiest internet setup for consumers.

    If you go into a starbucks with free wireless then the DS should automatically connect and have access to Nintendo WiFi Connection. If the wireless connection is protected you should just need to enter the passphrase to have access.

    There are some messed up rumours going on about the NDS and I think most are totally out there. One states that the DS does not understand TCP/IP protocol. Another states that only very few wireless cards are compatable. Well, 802.11 supports TCP/IP, so thats garbage.. It would be like BMW making a new sports car that can’t drive on a road. The rumour about only certain cards working with the DS stems from the WiFi Me hack, which is about tricking the DS into thinking your PC is another DS, nothing to do with the Nintendo WiFi Connection.

    So sleep easy, Nintendo WiFi Connection should kick ass and be easy as pie to access

  12. Present:
    1. Meteos

    I have 7 other games, but this is the only one I need.

    1. Metroid Prime Hunters (if online)
    2. Mario Kart DS
    3. Zelda DS
    4. Super Mario Bros. DS
    5. Animal Crossing DS

  13. 1. Meteos
    2. Kirby Canvas Curse
    3. WarioWare: Touched!
    4. Yoshi’s Touch & Go

    I’m really looking forward to many of the same DS games you guys are…

    New Super Mario Bros.
    Animal Crossing DS
    Mario Kart DS
    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
    Mario & Luigi 2
    Advance Wars: Dual Strike
    Metroid Prime Hunters
    Metroid Pinball

    Seriously, though, all I really need is Meteos. Best puzzle game in a LONG time. Maybe even better than the all-time puzzle game king Tetris Attack…

  14. Best present titles:
    1. Feel the Magic XX/YX
    2. Kirby’s Canvas Curse
    3. Jam with the Band
    4. Electroplankton
    5. Mario 64ds

    I’m really looking forward to Nintendogs, Where do Babies Come From, Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney, Lost in Blue, Trace Memory, and Metroid Prime.

  15. I currently only own two DS games, both are valued treasure:

    1. Super Mario 64 DS
    2. Kirby and the Cavas Curse

    But I have a few I’m desperately waiting for.

    1. Nintendogs
    2. Phoenix Wright
    3. Final Fantasy 3
    4. Animal Crossing DS
    5. Mario Kart DS

  16. Well here’s my list
    Present (or in other words the 5 that I own): 1. Meteos
    2. Kirby Canvas Curse
    3. Feel the Magic
    4. Nanostray
    5. Super Mario 64 DS

    Future: 1. Super Mario Bros. DS
    2. Electroplankton
    3. Advance Wars DS
    4. Mario Kart DS
    5. Castlevania DS

  17. Most looking forward to:

    1. Mario Kart
    2. Advance Wars
    3. Age of Empires: The Age of Kings
    4. Real Time Conflict: Shogun Empires
    5. Dig Dug: Digging Strike

    (I’m still hoping with DS online, Nintendo will surprise announce old emulated games available for downloading to DS.)

  18. 1.Advance Wars Ds
    2.Mario Kart DS
    3.The new Kirby DS
    4.Mario and Luigi 2
    5.Megaman Battlenetwork Twin Leaders DS

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