Top 10 portable flops

Modojo explores the biggest portable flops in history and don’t do a very good job with it. From the article: “The Game Boy (and now, DS) brand seems to be unstoppable, even in the face of shinier, more advanced competition. We take a look at the top 10 handheld losers.”

Virtual Boy places 8th, GBA places 7th (for lack of backlight), and GBA Micro places 2nd. Yeah, put the Game Boy Advance and any of its iterations on that list and your headline of “flops” just got poopsky. No. I’m actually pissed off I’m even posting this…

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  1. Figment says:

    The GBA 1.0 was terrible in many ways. When I got my hands on an SP, I was horrified to realize just how long I had played games using a little doofy, crazy-straw light that just barely illuminated the screen whilst draining batteries faster than normal.

    The micro was simply released at a bad time, and remains too expensive for an impulse buy. I would love to have one, but I can’t justify it because I already have a DSLite to play GBA games. Nintendo did almost no marketing for it, and now it remains in this “limbo” where it’s a good system that nobody really needs.

    My $0.02, at least.

  2. vakerorokero says:

    Flops compared to what? Coca Cola Drink? The Ford T model? Microsoft Windows 3.0? considering GBA a flop is like considering any of those examples not succesful in their own markets…

  3. InvisibleMan says:

    I don’t even know where to start with this!

    The GB micro is, in my opinion, the best designed portable gaming system of all time, period! Eugene Kim might be right in saying that America wants their stuf “big and black”, but “big” beats the purpose of a portable, and “black”, well, doesn’t he know the micro comes in black also?

    He mentions “Hello Kitty stationary”… well, the GBA does cater 75% or so to the kids’ market, but there are really good games aimed at adults (Scourge: Hive from Orbital, for example). Given the cheap price of the GBA games, this is inevitable.

    As for being a “flop”… what is he using for measurement? Certainly not profits, given that he is locating the N-Gage and the PSP as lesser “flops”.

    Kim really needed to do his homework!

  4. Justin says:

    Blake, etc: The article was just meant to be for fun. Did you even READ it? 😉 We figured the descriptions would give it away as a “fpr entertainment purposes only” post, but apparently not. Eugene had this to say, in Mo’s comments:

    “Sure, we could have listed nothing but the ten actual worst systems, but that would be like having a top ten worst games list with all ten being Barbie games: technically true, but where’s the fun in that?”

  5. theJON says:

    The list blows, period. The Wonderswan Color never came out in the states and I had an emulator for it and it wasn’t half bad. Also, the GBA was never a flop. The thing sold like hot cakes even though it didn’t have a backlight. Also, the N-Gauge should definitely be #1 or at least #2 since the thing got launch titles … and that’s it. You had to take the damn battery out to actually put a new game in. Come on now. I can officially say that this article is horrible.

  6. ryro says:

    a portable flops list that includes two versions of the gba, and a PSP, but no gamegear? lawlity.

  7. InvisibleMan says:

    Justin: I did read it, and Eugene was half-serious! I think he just hates portables…

  8. Mattiac says:

    I do not think that GBA deserves to be on that list!!! I like GBA even though the screen should’ve been brighter! I have a nice white GBA and a GameBoy Player for GameCube because I prefer to play them on my TV.

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