Today and Tomorrow Channel launches for Free in Europe

fortuneWiiWii owners across the pond can look forward to a new channel September 9th  as the “Today and Tomorrow Channel” launches.

According to Nintendo UK, Today and Tomorrow Channel will let you check daily fortunes, fetch relationship advice, and recommend food based on your horoscope.  Up to six users are supported, and the channel allows you to cross reference compatibility between users.

An oddly named “horoscope channel” seems like a logical step forward from “Everybody Votes,” and “Check Mii Out,” and remains a simple, casual application.  How do you feel about these simple “Mii” channels?  Is “Today and Tomorrow” something you’d like to see come to the US, or are you looking for something more complex?

13 Responses to Today and Tomorrow Channel launches for Free in Europe

  1. Mohan says:

    Don’t know why NA is being ignored, I mean there are so many more channels in Japan and now it looks like Europe will have two more than us as they have got the BBC iPlayer. We are being left behind (even though it’s a lame channel IMHO). :'(

  2. Andrew G. says:

    Eh, it’s neat. They might as well bring it over here…nothing to lose by doing that.

    I’d like to see more channels, regardless of the content. There just isn’t enough of them.

    Also, update the Miis! We need more facial features and hair styles/colors. And maybe ears (I know, ears are asking too much).

  3. Attilio says:

    I wouldn’t mind it. I’m sure I can have some fun with it for a little while.

    Think about it like this, let the other countries be the guinea pigs, once the channels are perfected than they can bring them over here.

    @Andrew G.
    Sooo true, the Miis do need to be updated badly.

  4. Wii Wii says:

    If its free- its for ME !!

    But, doesn’t look like much interesting, to be honest.
    “Up to six users are supported” What do they mean ” users”? Is this on the same console, then? Or is it up to six people online, at the same time? That could be more fun, especially if voice chat was allowed, or, like Andrew, am I asking to much?

    “or are you looking for something more complex”? Obviously, a little more complex would be nice. But what the heck, its not like it will cost us anything, still if they are bothering to make these channels, why not put a little more INTO them?

  5. Brian says:

    This is a little bit more than ridiculous.

  6. argus says:

    If this comes to NA, it’ll be the first free channel that I don’t download. The voting channel and Check Mii Out were cute, but I don’t need this nonsense polluting my Wii.

  7. Watire says:

    Nintendo… You know and we know that all we need is “Mii Paint Ball”. With online squad base teaming, leaderboard and stuff, Motion Plus, Wii Speak, Vitality sensor, whatever; all set in Wuhu Island of course. Make it a channel, make it a Wiiware game. Just give it to the people that needs a reason to boot the Wii every night.

  8. Joshdad says:


    I’m all for new channels, but this is not even worth the time it would take to download it.

  9. gojiguy says:

    I don’t believe in this nonsense astrology crap. The new channels seem to get dumber and dumber…

  10. Ninja says:

    as long as its free.

  11. AC says:

    why would i mind if its free. now that they have the sd memory slot being used, space is not an issue. its unfortunate that they think americans won’t like these channels. they should just bring it over regardless. if they don’t like it, they won’t download it that’s all. its not mandatory or anything.

  12. BlueRocks says:

    I have downloaded – and removed – all the other free channels as they just didn’t seem like they were worth the bother after the initial interest died off.

    What I would like to see is a more expanded audience focused channel lineup.

    For example, the ‘Everybody Votes’ was, I thought, an incredible idea. Tapping into the Wii owner userbase to survey/poll user interests, new directions, marketing ideas, feedback, etc. looked promising.

    What we ended up with were childish boxer/briefs? type questions. It could have been so much more.

    How about a channel for panel discussions and/or weekly Q&As? Questions by Wii owners can be submitted throughout the week for an advertised guest who would post responses at the end of the week.

    I enjoy Infendo’s forums, so, how about a Nintendo forum channel? Posts could be subscribed to. Any new postings would cause the blue neon light to glow on the console. And don’t we all love to see that!

    Any other channel suggestions?

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