Tiring Proof

The boys over at I4U News just might have proof that the new Revolution controller is tiring. The picture to the right shows an elder gentleman holding his elbow while “playing” with the new interface.

This is totally a joke in light of our recent Don’t Make Me Move post. It’s not to be taken seriously. What’s more funny though is how some major game sites are still making this an issue.

[Source: I4U News]


  1. please americans move your fat a*s no more doritos, bkings…

    get in shape…

    ja ja ja

  2. if it makes u tired, GO DO SOME WEIGHTS!!

  3. Awww, poor game journalists, imagine, a game that FORCES you to get your fat ass off the couch and possibly exert yourself in physical motion?

    Boo-frickity-hoo. We could use some more exercise.

  4. Yes! thank god I’ve been working out every weekday for 2 whole years, Now I can put it too good use instead of just getting women to bed!

  5. Have they even considered the fact that the guy is elderly?? He may not even be tired, it might just be to steady the arm as well. No, they just want to make any excuse possible of why this won’t work.

  6. This is just an actor !
    He might have had to do this scene a hundred times in a very short period of time. THAT is tiring, not the playing part, because when you play, you move your arm and do not hold it still…..

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