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Things have been a little hectic and slow around here. This side of the internet moves a lot faster, and we didn’t get a chance to stay up on our tips. A big shout out to all that sent them in, namely our Japanese correspondent Dale, Martin, Fabio, Nicholas B, Ryan, Andrew, and Dana. Here’s the best of the best:

Our apologies for the slowness that has been Infendo for the past several days. Hopefully the DS has kept you occupied for the time being. I will be on a plane to Georgia all day Monday, but I’m sure Nicholas, Rollin, and Chris we’ll have some good stuff for all the faithful out there.

It’s been a heck of a year, and you readers have made it that much better. Infendo has only been around for 7 months, but it sure seems longer. Many thanks and high-fives all around to everyone!


  1. a friend of mine that has a PSP has just complaining with me yesterday that he wants to see Resident Evil on the Sony portable. Today, all I can do is laugh, cause RE is coming to NDS!!! hahaha! I am very happy today =)

    The game looks great, new possibilities in gameplay for the great franchise… nintendo, always expanding the definitiion of gaming.

  2. Resident Evil would do quite poorly on the PSP – unless they included a free pair of limited edition Resident Evil PSP headphones to go along with the game. I say this because the speakers on the PSP have absolutely nothing on the dynamic sound output on the DS – and, at least to me, half of what makes RE what it is, is the eerie soundtrack.

    Oh, and the Animal Crossing blue screen of death? I got that the first time that I tried an online communication with AC and subsequently lost the data between paying off my first house loan and when nook originally gives you your job – Let’s just say that I was ready to play whack-a-mole.

  3. About the AC blue screen of death, all I can say is save as much as you can!

    You can even save when people are visiting your town without kicking them out! That has become my routine!

  4. yikes that blue screen happened to me 3 times in a row on saturday… (sorry rollin)

    i have to say it was a tad frustrating…

  5. Just another tip for Canadians . . I picked up a NDS for my girlfriend at Zellers for $149.99, with a hipgear case. . .but they didn’t have any cases left(fine with me) so they game me another $15.00 off. So ya, $135.00 for a DS. Smokin deal. For you Americans, the DS is normally going for $169.99 CAD. so I saved $35. sweet.

  6. yikes that blue screen happened to me 3 times in a row on saturday… (sorry rollin)

    i have to say it was a tad frustrating…

    What’s ur name in AC?

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