TIME loves Wiil Wii Sports — "greatest videogame ever made"

Now now, TIME. You start talking like that and people are going to start calling you “Jack from Infendo.” Anyway, TIME writer Wilson Rothman took the Wii home to his family and the rest is history. And all it took was Wii Sports.

“Wii Sports, a collection of cartoonish tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing scenarios, comes with the system. I had presumed that it was merely an elaborate demonstration of the Wii Remote, which responds to natural motions rather than arcane button combinations. I discovered quickly that it might be the greatest videogame ever made.”

Then, Wilson took Wii to the next level and hosted a dinner party. Zelda and Excite Truck bombed, ironically (due to “not having the HDTV support they deserved”), but Wii Sports continued to wow these 30-somethings.

“By the end of the weekend, the little machine had hooked ten people of very different temperaments and interests. Excited as I was about my own attraction to the Wii, I was stunned by its universal appeal.”

Like any ninja, the Wii has attacked the world on multiple fronts. Just bring some Advil if you’re older, because apparently the Wii kicked this guy’s butt. 6 days? 6 days.

[Thanks, Sean Lovison]