Thoughts on the day

While busy at work today, I made sure to keep updating Infendo with the best of the best. Now that I have the chance to take it all in, here’s my take on Nintendo’s performance today.

  • Revolution – while it’s great you made a prototype appearance, I really wish i could have seen more. I kinda felt like you were pulling a DS unveiling like last year, and I’m still not sure what to think of that. Hopefully we’ll get more details on you soon, so stay in there (and get a face lift if you can). You are a critical point to Nintendo’s continued hardware business.
  • Micro – you did awesome today! More on the business and strategy side of things and less on the gaming side of things (we’ve seen you before, ya know?). You took one for the team today and I thank you for it. You’ll still do extremely well.
  • Zelda – hurry up! You are by far the best software title at the event in terms of freshness, creativity, presentation, hype, and fun. I know that’s a little biased being that I’m a Nintendo fan, but man, you sure look pretty. I’m very anxious to see how you play.

So there you have it. I’m sure we’ll get more details on GameCube games during the week so stay tuned for that. Let’s make it a good one and let us know what you thought of the day. Peace out! (said Kipp style)