This week at Infendo

Here at Infendo, it was another week of all things Nintendo as again we saw our fair share of rumors, commentary and … Tingle? Here’s a look back on the week that was.

  • Blake’s well-deserved rant on Nintendo’s behavior with the fading GameCube set off a firestorm of comments. It may do little good however, as Nintendo looks more than ready to move on to shinier, Wiimote-controlled things.
  • Nick’s Six Million Reasons for Victory analysis — referring to the pledge from Nintendo that 6 million units would be shipped by March 31, 2007 — got Infendo readers on the topic of HD DVD and Blu-Ray, but we still don’t know when the Wii will hit store shelves.
  • Could Tingle be a sleeper hit for importers? One Japanese store owner was doing his best to entice shoppers in the Land of the Rising Sun, but I’m hoping he doesn’t have a visa.
  • Wii accessories also started making the rounds this week, with GameStop listing some prices and descriptions but no pics.

I do believe Sept. 14 is next week. The date, while unremarkable, feels very significant for some reason.