The Nintendoptimist: Wii and exercise


Just a really quick thought that I had to get out there in light these types of stories:

If, in one year’s time, the Wii has failed miserably because people find that it is too physically demanding a system to play, I am officially going to quit humanity and start my own race of Commonsensicoids.

Jeebus people, has the world really come to this!?


  1. My SOUL just left my body.

  2. That one comment on how the guy starts sweating is odd. I rarely work out, but I don’t sweat. I get a little perspiration when playing boxing, but not to the point where I need to take a shower. Someone was probably bullshitting to sound cool when being interviewed.

    But still, don’t people exercise in fairly short bursts, like half an hour? Of course you’re going to have some aches and pains when you do something physical for 3-4 hours. If people start complaining about that, then get me a passport so I can live in the land of Commensensicoids.

  3. Actually, cronotrigger913, sweating isn’t some kind of indicator which tells you when you’re tired or when you’re really working out.

    I just know this because, I’m not the most avid sporter, but I sure have some kind of sport-body. Just to say, when I do only a little bit of sports, let’s say, run 2 km’s, I start sweating immediately.

    It just depends on what kind of person you are, not on how hard you do your exercises. Sure, some don’t sweat a lot, and only sweat when they do some heavy exercises, but that isn’t neccesarily the case for other people.
    When they start breathing loudly and visually have a hard time continuing what they do, then they’re really exercising…

    My take on this, so, probably, I’ll sweat too, and have to take a shower, although I wouldn’t think I’ve had a hard time playing the Wii.

  4. Okay, I admit it – when I first started playing, my arms would ache. But once I realized that my regular style of dancing around all over the living room while swinging the wiimote wildly wasn’t *really* necessary, my arms no longer ache.

    Excite Truck, now that’s another story. I don’t know why, but my abdominal muscles get a workout playing that game. ‘Course it could be all the whooping and hollering after getting a 720 spin + super air + nice landing combo. I don’t care what other reviewers say, this game is hella fun. (sore stomache aside!)

  5. @Frexy Q

    Yeah, I’ll give you that.

    I will now bow down to your superior knowledge:)

  6. Mankind is getting fatter and lazier. This was to be expected.

  7. i’m with anon- complainers get no sympathy. time for them to be less sedentary.

    ok- this is dorky, but here’s something i did while training- CS, fy_iceworld- every death do 10 pushups. works well with dod too! 2 hours later and i cant open a door (i died a lot)

  8. I was discussing the merits of the Wii with my brother-in-law over the weekend and he thought the idea of excersing was stupid because all he wants is to “sit on his a$$ and play a videogame”. I must also mention that he is an avid Xbox fan (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and fits the very definition of “mainstream gamer”.

  9. I’m not a fit person, thats saying the least, but I don’t mind all the movement I have to do with Wii Sports. It actually feels nice when doing the ‘full arc’ movements compare to sitting down and just doing simple movement gestures. If you can’t handle doing full-arcs (not crazy movements that leads toward broken TV’s), then that is really sad.

  10. I did have some muscle pain after playing the Wii for the first time, but it only happened after the first day…

    I wouldn’t start worrying until the first report of someone dying from a heart attack while playing Wii Sports comes in…

  11. I’ll join you in commonsensotopia, some people these days, anything for a lawsuit.

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