The Issue of Timing

If the DS were launched after the PSP, would Nintendo’s handheld still be as successful? The answer to this question could provide useful insight to how the Revolution might fair against the PS3 and 360. More innovative. Sooner to market. The DS had both. The Revolution will have the first but not the latter.

The real question then becomes: does timing affect a console’s success, or does it all boil down to the games?


  1. Absolutely. Nintendo took advantage of the fact that Sony was too slow with the PSP. They launched the DS at Christmas before they really had a strong lineup of games. They didn’t even have the online gaming service that most people bought the DS for anyway (and they still don’t). But, by positioning it as the big toy for Christmas, they made the DS a success. If the PSP had launched at the same time, things would have been different, as Sony had wifi gaming out of the box and a much stronger launch lineup.

  2. Well the PSP is ahead of the DS in North America I believe, and they came out later. While in Japan the DS is smoking the PSP and I seem to recall the DS launched only 2 weeks before the PSP.

    To be honest I think time is a factor, but hype and games are a bigger one.

    If you take too long to go to market, people will go with something else. However I don’t think a couple of months will make a significant impact. If the PS3 is released in 2007 though, it may give Nintendo (and M$) some of their potential market.

    I think the major thing going against the 360 is it’s looking like games at release may not be all that interesting, this may be another reason Sony is planning to launch last. Unfortunately we have no idea what Nintendo is doing, let’s hope they have at least 3 first party killer games and 5 or 6 great third party games at launch.. maybe then Nintendo can start to get it’s empire back.

  3. I basically agree with you both.
    Games are most important after all, but to get the Christmas bonus was very important for the DS…

  4. I think in the west more than in Japan, hype is a major sell-point, and it’s where Nintendo has been really really lacking.

    People just aren’t even considering the Revolution as a viable system. The DS has a larger amount of GOOD games than the PSP by far, and come September will have a much more, but unless Nintendo hypes their advantage many people will either automatically not consider the system or go with the ‘it’s underpowered thus crap’ mindset.

    At this rate, it won’t matter if Nintendo releases Rev before or after PS3 as many people have already made up their mind.

    Sure Nintendo wants to keep it all hush hush, but what’s wrong with some hype? Sony and M$ do it constantly, Nintendo has alot to brag about, they should start already!

  5. Okay, I think both of the portables should’ve waited. Both should’ve launched with a better line of games. Nintendo should’ve had the wi-fi ready to go, as this would’ve been a major advantage to flaunt, and the PSP should’ve waited till it could actually run efficently.

    I think that the DS launching pre-PSP was a good move, but I think it’s going to be different with the consoles. One problem, as mentioned before, is that people don’t even consider the Revolution. This can be solved by aggresive advertising. But one thing that people haven’t really looked at is the glaring similarity between the 360 and the PS3. Both silver, both tacky looking, in fact, if it weren’t for those god awful bommerang controllers on the PS3, I wuld have trouble telling them apart. I, as an executive or Sony or MS, would be terrifeid at the idea that consumers can’t tell the two apart. The Revoultion has a real advantage here with it’s multiple and bright colors. But what NIntendo really needs to do, in Japan and the U.S. is start advertising. The hype on the internet is deafening, but I think Nintendo needs to start placing adds in Magazines, and television, and no more fake crap. Although I’m frusterated with all the rumors around the Revolution, let’s be honest, it keeps people talking, and why not spread the gossip to none internet gamers. I think that advetising is what Nintendo needs to hit hard, and really show off. The big question is wether or not Nintendo can live up to the hype, my fingers are crossed. If the idea’s innovative enough, it’ll draw some customers from both the Sony and MS crowd.

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