The Evolution of Link

Little Link sure has come along way. Will we ever see him in his current state? After the second Twilight Princess delay, feels like it will be forever.


  1. What, no Majora’s Mask?

  2. Which Link do you guys like the most? My favorite one is four one fromt he left since i’m a Links Awakening (the colour one, i forgot what the colour one was called… XP director cut… something like that) freak

  3. where is the 6th (from the left) link from?

  4. the link 6th from the left is from Minish Cap

  5. Chronologically the Minish Cap/Four Swords Link should come after the Wind Waker Link.

  6. that would be cool if they redid the first game with the new link look… i would definately buy that…

  7. What about the 3 Zeldas that were made on that Panasonic system?

  8. and with in that evolution graphic table you are seeing 20 years. I can wait a few months for a new Zelda. It worth it.

    and It was Phillips Cd-i

  9. “What, no Majora’s Mask?”

    The kid Link from Majora’s Mask is the kid Link from OoT.

  10. smash brothers Links deserve to be on there

  11. People Please! The Link missing is from CDi (worst games EVER!!!!)which was made by both phillips and panasonic (yeah yeah 3do also) or was it magnivox, who cares the hardware was licensed out and Majora’s mask is there damnit

  12. 2 if you count CD-i Zelda, and the Smash Bro, or 3 if you include those watches from the 80s.

  13. Does the link from Soul Calibur II count. He does look different.

  14. The link from the original Spaceworld vid is the one missing.

  15. there’s ben 13 zelda games but i only counted 10 up top

  16. you idiot.
    in the wind waker it is not link, it is the hero of time.
    completely different character.
    if you had played wind waker you would not of put that in this pic and said it was link

  17. Um actually there are several different links in the series, OoT and MM link are the same one, I think the first 3 Links are the same, possibly Windwaker and Minish cap, I think are the same and TP link is seperate, the entire Ledgend of Zelda series actually takes place over hundreds of years. So Windwaker hero of time, has just as much right to be there as OoT or TP, or LttP

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