Target Allowing DS Price Misprint

A couple days ago, we caught wind of a Target ad brochure that listed the Nintendo DS for $99. Since then, it’s been discovered that the listing was a typo. However, Target has decided to allow customers who bring in the brochure (or a screen grab of it— type “DS” in the search box on the left of this page) to buy a DS for the $99 price. The deal started today and ends on Decemeber 12.

Now’s the perfect time to get everyone you know a DS for Christmas, plus a copy of Mario Kart with the 30 dollar savings. Awesome news for you late DS adopters out there, too. No more procrastinating.

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. Yeeeeesssss!

    and Nooooooooo!

    I’m saving up for a Rev dangit! I don’t have money like this to throw around! But…DS…is now…even more tempting…AHH! My mind! And wallet!

  2. Am I the only person who cannot find a Nintendo DS within the listing? All that I see are video games and accessories.

  3. you have to search in the searchfield on the left side of the page. Just input DS into it.

  4. Infendo is offering coupons for DS…

    Infendo rules.

  5. If you don’t already own one, splurge and get a DS. The Revo won’t come around for a long time now.

  6. I know the Rev ain’t comin’ around for a while.
    But also, I don’t really…make…money.
    I just kinda find it.
    On the ground.
    That’s right, I’m buying a Rev with floor change.
    And I already have $80 or so bucks.
    In change.

    I’ve been saving for a while.

  7. Wow. They better delay it, then.

  8. You know Nintendo. They will. Over and over again.

  9. I can get a DS for $90

    My mom works there, so I get a 10% discount…

    Too bad I already have a DS

  10. 11/26/05: I’ve searched by typing DS in the box and manually and can’t find it on the site. Did they take it down already? Perhaps a direct link to the product page would be helpful.

  11. Nevermind, I was using the search box at the top since FF blocked ou tthe flash app. It works just fine. Sorry for my error.

  12. Anyone who takes advantage of this once-in-a-while opportunity, let us know.

  13. I got it. I printed out the ad from the site, and printed out the article from joystiq. Just be assertive and have the costumer service line at your disposal (before 6pm)

  14. I got the deal, all I had to do was bring in a screenshot and when I showed it to the manager he acknowledged it and I walked out with a brand new DS and Mario Kart for under $150.

    I had the bundle on reserve at Gamestop, but I figure this is actually going to be cheaper (figuring in sales tax, I saved about $15) so I’m going to go sometime today or tomorrow to cancel my preorder.

  15. Hope u get ur cash back, man.

  16. i got a sweet 99 dollar ds. the manager hassled me a little bit, but thanks to the number you guys provided, i got it no sweat!

    i <3 infendo x 1000000

  17. I got one for $99 after they called the number.

  18. Rollin –

    We got the money back no problem. I even told them flat out I found it cheaper somewhere else. *shrug* It’s not like I don’t spend money at Gamestop anyway. 😛

  19. Oh cool. You must be pals with them, eh? I’m somewhat chummy with the ppl at my GameStop, but i’ve never gone back on a pre-order. What i have done was make a pre-order just for the per-order gift, then use the 5 bucks towards a diff purchase. It’s like putting ur money in the bank. I think i even stayed on the pre-order list. Gotta love the loopholes.

  20. does anybody have the ad or something they updated there website
    and I wanted to get one please help

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