3DS vs. iPhone: Nintendo’s best weapon is a matter of character(s)

iPhones and similar devices are like electronic Swiss Army knives: They can transform themselves into an amazing variety of tools. They can replace clocks, music players, televisions, radios, carpentry levels and cameras. What they can’t replace’so far’is a great portable game player. iPhone excels at puzzle games, word games and novelties. There are a handful of passable RPGs and strategy g...

WiiWare fight: NyxQuest or Bit Trip Beat?

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_z5dfFrIXk[/youtube] Need a new WiiWare game. Been hearing really good things about NyxQuest (pictured), a platformer, and Bit Trip Beat (after the break), a pong-like rhythm game. Any owners out there want to defend their favorite and show me the light?