Strong Bad episode 3 comes out on Monday!

Baddest of the Bands is coming out on WiiWare on Monday the 27th, everyone!  Rock, rock on!

Virtual Console Monday – Strong Bad Episode 2, Potpourrii, and Mega Man 2

How’s this for a Monday: two new WiiWare games and only one Virtual Console game, but you’re almost guaranteed to be satisfied!  The second Strong Bad episode, Strong Badia The Free, comes out today along with puzzle game Potpourrii.  Top that off with freakin’ Mega Man 2 on the Virtual Console and you can just hear the little Marios running across the screens as these games ar...

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Pong Toss, Chase HQ, and Art Of Fighting 2

Looks like Strong Bad won’t be making an appearance on your Wii before the end of July.  Instead, we have Pong Toss: Frat Party Games for WiiWare.  Classic cop car smasher Chase HQ and another NEOGEO installment of Art Of  Fighting appear for the Virtual Console.  Read all about them after the jump.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People coming to WiiWare

SAN RAFAEL, CA, April 10, 2008 ”“ Interactive entertainment pioneer Telltale, Inc. is pleased to announce Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP), a new series of episodic games for WiiWareâ„¢, in partnership with Videlectrix. Starring Strong Bad, the self-proclaimed coolest person ever, the series is based on Matt and Mike Chapman’s online animated series, which has bee...