Strong Bad

Virtual Console Monday – Strong Bad #5, Big Kahuna Party, and Enduro Racer

The first season of Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People wraps up today with Episode 5: 8-bit Is Enough.  Also out via WiiWare is puzzling puzzler Big Kahuna Party.  Over on the virtual console we get another Master System classic, Enduro Racer.  Anything here appeal to you? Head past the break for full details about each game.

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Strong Bad #4, Target Toss Pro: Bags, Space Invaders, and Forgotten Worlds

As expected, Strong Bad Episode 4 is released today and is known by the title Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.  Also out for WiiWare today is Target Toss Pro: Bags, the home version of a popular arcade game that has been showing up in a lot of bars lately.  Over on the Virtual Console is the SNES release of Space Invaders and the Genesis game Forgotten Worlds. Full details past the break.

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Strong Bad episode 3, Art Style: R0T0HEX, and Earthworm Jim

Talk about a spooky awesome selection this week, just in time for Halloween!  The new Strong Bad episode, another Art Style game, and finally Earthworm Jim!  Hit the break for the full details.  And tell me .. is there any of these three games you aren’t going to download?