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Nintendo Adds Wii U eShop Offer

For anyone that receives email updates from Nintendo, this is likely something you have already seen.  For those that missed it or do not receive email updates, Nintendo is running a short promotion on the eShop.  An important note: this

Could Nintendo Be The Forerunner To Purchase ATLUS?

ATLUS, the company that developed Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and the recently released Shin Megami Tensei IV, has hit hard times since their parent company (Index Corporation) filed for bankruptcy and is working towards selling off its subsidiaries.  During

Club Nintendo deal: Buy Fire Emblem Awakening and SMT IV, get $30 in eShop credit

Who doesn’t like free stuff? This week, the rewards program, Club Nintendo, has revealed a new deal where buyers can receive $30 in eShop credit with the purchase of two titles. The two titles featured in the promo are the critically-acclaimed

Shin Megami Tensei IV Coming To North America

This summer, the great minds from ATLUS are bringing Shin Megami Tensei IV to North America.  Featuring new demons, vast dungeons, brilliant story with multiple plot lines, game altering decision making, and much more, Shin Megami Tensei IV is sure