Infendo Radio 517 – Infendo Does Halloween!

Oh, hey there. Nice costume, you must have worked hard on that one! Thanks for joining us on Infendo Radio. This week, we have a Halloween Roundtable, play some 20 Questions, and answer your questions from the Question Block!

Infendo Radio 513 – You and Garth Brooks

Thanks for joining Infendo Radio! Looking sharp, you're dressed to impress today! This week, Steve schools us on the Nintendo Switch Lite, we play a round of 20 Questions, and talk about the games we have been playing in Change the System!

Infendo Radio 512 – Link’s Awakening is Here!

Hey, you! ...Yeah you! Looking great today! This week, we discuss Mario Kart Mobile in our roundtable discussion. After that, we play a game of bad game descriptions, then answer your questions from the question block!

Infendo Radio 511 – Ring Fit Adventure

Welcome to the show! Are you loosing weight, you're looking fab! This week, we have a roundtable discussion about Nintendo's new fitness RPG Ring Fit Adventure! After that we play Bad Game Descriptions, and talk about the games we have been playing in Change The System.

Infendo Radio 510 – Welcome Jesse From NintendoDads!

Hello there and welcome to Infendo Radio, you're looking sharp this morning! This week, we talk all about gaming as a dad as we welcome special guest Jesse Waldack from the NintendoDads podcast!

Infendo Radio 483 – Death of the 3DS

This week on Infendo Radio we have a Roundtable discussion about the Death of the 3DS! After that, Justin leads us into a round of Nintentunes!

Infendo Radio 479 – Introducing Infendo 20 Questions!

Welcome to Infendo Radio! This week we have an update on last weeks breaking news, and some new breaking news to talk about in the form or a Roundtable discussion!