Retro Studios

Sounds like Retro Studios hit the jackpot again in reviving another Nintendo classic

“I’ve been looking forward to this game for months, but the final product blew me away. Its gorgeous visuals, awesome boss battles, varied stages, and cleverly hidden secrets guarantee gamers will have  a great time revising this classic franchise. It’s not only the best Donkey Kong Country, it’s one of the best platformers I’ve ever played.”—Dan Ryckert, Gam...

Rumor: Retro Studios developing a new Donkey Kong game?

Retro Studios, famous for their marvelous work on the Metroid Prime trilogy, is rumored to be working on an upcoming Donkey Kong project for the Wii. Retro Studios’ last released project was the Wii compilation Metroid Prime Trilogy and the last we spoke with them, the team was deep into its next project. “I think you’ll be very excited when you find out what we’re working ...

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