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Would you buy this version of Portal on DS?

Some homebrewers are just amazing. Take for example what modder Smealum has done on the DS. While his work is still in the early stages (he has been working on his project for six months), what he has done on

The potential cost of a trip through Skylanders

Skylanders is one of the most controversial products ever released to the gaming world, linking software and electronic figurines into a unique and potentially costly experience. Its main hook — physical toys that actually “level up” — is instantly appealing,

The Legend of Zelda: Portal gun edition

Portal is undoubtedly one of the most innovative titles to come along this generation, but imagine if the portal gun was an item in the next Zelda title. That’s exactly what the fine folks Dorkly have done, giving Link the

Friendly Non-Nintendo Notice: Portal is Free

Wanna pick up a great game for the PC for free? Perhaps you’re a Mac fan, well you can still get it! Steam is now available on Mac, and they’re giving away Portal to everyone. It’s a great opportunity if