Nintendo Wi-Fi

Reggie on Wii U: Online experience will be robust, takes jab at Sony and Microsoft

While there have been no concrete details on the online infrastructure of Wii U, Nintendo has flat out stated they need to do better. While the launch of the eshop for 3DS was a nice start, if Nintendo is serious about offering a service comperable to Microsoft’s Xbox Live or Sony’s Playstation Network, they have a long way to go.

Tetris Party: Mini Review and Tournament Details

Tetris Online recently announced that it would be hosting the first of series of Tetris Party Tournaments begining early next month.  If you haven’t picked this one up yet, now’s the best time to decide if it’s for you.  When Infendo previewed Tetris Party in early October,  I told you that it was shaping up to be the best values on WiiWare, and a great Tetris Title to boot. ...

Guitar Hero 3 is the best online Wii game so far

I’ve played quite a few online-enabled Wii games in all their varying degrees. Elebits with its basic WiiConnect24 features; Mario Strikers Charged, which is perhaps one of the most underrated Wii games, especially online; Medal of Honor Heroes 2 which lovingly bypasses friend codes like other EA games; Metroid Prime 3 (kidding); Guitar Hero 3; and most recently, Super Smash Bros. Brawl whic...