Infendo Radio 485 – Nindies Direct w/ Guest Matt Smith

Welcome to Infendo Radio 485! Nintendo likes to drop Nintendo Directs on us on show-nights, so we have no choice but to talk all about it! After breaking news, we have a round-table discussion and then play a round of Nintentunes!

Infendo Radio 458 – Dragula Lost

Nindies, Nindies, everywhere with the latest Nindie Showcase! Infendo Radio 458 is here, and we aim to please! This week, we talk all about the last Nindie Spotlight, and speculate what will we revealed in the upcoming Nintendo Direct! It’s a new month, and we have a new Patreon tier! Come vote to see who has to play the Atari 2600 game E.T. at the end of the month! Do you love Nintendo podc...

Nintendo Direct Nindies Showcase is all About the Indies

Nintendo just released it's second Indie showcase video in as many weeks, and boy did it deliver. This direct focused mainly on games that would be released throughout the month of September, with a surprise announcement that Into the Breach would be launching latter today.