What 2D games, if any, are better with an analog stick?

As part 2 of my new 2D console concept, I wonder if any 2D games benefit from an analog stick. Know of any? Seems to me like d-pads are almost always the way to go when controlling 2D games. Am I wrong?

Dogbone in da house!

Score! Just received my first dogbone NES 2 controller care of eBay. Now if I could only transport my NES from my parents’ attic in Georgia to my home in Utah. In any case, this fella is ergonomic to say the least, more so than the SNES controller even.

Another cool pic of the NES 2 found on the internet

Because I’m still enamored with the thing… See also: Our previous NES 2 coverage

Have an 8-bit Christmas 6 Days Late

RetroZone is best known for RetroPorts, connectors that let you use NES and SNES controllers on your Gamecube, Wii, or PC – They also sell a modest library of both original and reproduction NES cartridges – among them this holiday season was 8-BIT XMAS 2008, a special Christmas cart featuring a customizable message, 8-bit Christmas music, and colorful blinking lights. The limited editi...

The Gaming Historian videofies the NES 2

[youtube][/youtube] Here’s an exhaustive look at the NES 2, its design, its launch, and its downfall in retrospective form. Dog bone GET!

NES 2 revisited

For some reason I’m still fascinated with the NES 2 and its history and can’t get enough of the dogbone controllers which were a huge improvement over the originals. Wikipedia writes: “The NES 2 is a compact redesign of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game console from Nintendo. It was released in North America in 1993 and retailed for $49.99… The con...

Old School (version 2.0)

Did any of you ever own this new version? I don’t know why you would since it came out 10 years after the original, but I’d be interested in hearing if you did and how you liked it. (The controller looks better.)