Infendo Reader Q&A

Infendo community….help!

In three weeks time, the world will know exactly (well maybe not EXACTLY) what Nintendo has in store for us for the next couple of years. By this time a month from now Project Café will be unveiled at e3, Nintendo will show the world exactly why the 3DS is a must have system, and in a first for me, I will be at the conference to share everything Nintendo with you dear readers. It has been 3 month...

Infendo Reader Q&A: Nintendo, and the 3DS

I know you guys probably have some questions about certain games, hardware, and other various technical aspects you want answered. So here’s your chance, submit your questions in the comment section below and we will answer them the best we can! The best might even be read on the upcoming Infendo E3 special podcast! P.S. We might have swag to give out as well.