Fire Emblem 3DS

Fire Emblem: Awakening Coming To North America February 4th

  Those waiting for the North America release of Fire Emblem: Awakening only have about a month longer until its release! Fire: Emblem Awakening will be released exclusively on the 3DS on February 4th in North America.  The RPG was previously launched in Japan, and is expected to hit Europe later this year.  

Hey Nintendo, now you’re playing with power!

Nintendo is currently holding just finished up with a 3DS specific press conference in Japan, and a ton of new details have emerged. First and foremost, no, Nintendo didn’t show off the second analog add-on nor did they mention any redesign with dual analog support. The conference was mainly to show off a TON of new games coming to the handheld, and quietly delay another one. Let’s get the ba...