Deep contradictory thoughts

The selective memory amnesia syndrome, it is contagious: Capcom France Boss: Less Wii After Darkside Chronicles Sells Only 16k Further expanding on this curious line of reasoning, I can only surmise that, after the colossal failure of Capcom’s hardcore “re-imagining” of Bionic Commando in 2009, Capcom will no longer be developing games of any kind.

About face: Game developers should try and be the movie business

Since the video game industry is so crazy desperate to become the movie business, and the people who cover it are falling over themselves to try and make this happen, I think it’s about time I joined in on the fracas too. That’s right. I’m flip flopping. Let’s make video games more like the movies! Specifically, I’d like them to turn their covetous eyes toward Paramou...


Obviously, this is all Nintendo’s fault.

R.O.B.’d of glory

These days R.O.B. may be relegated to niche cameo character status in games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but it wasn’t always this way. The Escapist takes a look today at what was once Nintendo’s choice to lead their brand in the 1990s. As we all know, he (and they) failed miserably.

EA: We may change strategy if people don’t start killing more things on Wii

If Dead Space: Extraction doesn’t do well on the Wii, well, by howdy, EA may stop producing games where you have to kill things on the console for good.

Behold, Nintendo’s inflatable horse Wii controller

Hey look, it’s a creepy man child riding an inflatable video game controller. He’s playing some kind of horseback riding game, and having a hell of a time at it too! Woo! And what’s this? What’s this you say? It was filed by Nintendo? Completely not shocked. Not shocked in the slightest. This is 100% real by the way. Looks like we have a nice, early look at the E3 2010 keyn...