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10 Classic Nintendo Games That Haven’t Been Remade, but Should Be

I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t Nintendo already remake everything? Well, yes, Nintendo is notorious for releasing, re-releasing, and re-re-releasing many of their more popular titles. Take Metroid for example. Excluding its original release on the Famicom Disk System and Nintendo Entertainment System, Metroid has been rereleased a grand total of six times (the Classic NES Series ...

E3 Hands-On: Donkey Kong Country Returns, Indeed

It’s an exciting time to be an older Nintendo fan – those of us that grew up with the Mario Bros,  Samus Aran, and the Donkey and Diddy duo are getting the chances to relive our past experiences in wonderfully nostalgic recreations for our sidescrolling favorites. Nintendo most recent retro remake? Donkey Kong Country Returns, from Retro Studios (known for the Metroid Prime series.) Â...

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