Deep Nintendological Thoughts #6: Please, oh please…

…don’t let there ever be a Guitar Hero: World Tour commercial that features Reggie Fils-Aime, Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata and Cammie Dunaway. I say this because it seems like everyone who’s anyone is making one of these Risky Business knockoff spots. Honestly, don’t do it. I may become violent.

Deep Nintendological Thoughts #5: On Critical Mass and Turning Points

Is EA’s recent (confirmed) decision to dedicate 50% of its development budget exclusively to the Wii a “turning point” for the system, one that could be seen as akin to the DS gaining critical mass with third parties approximately two years after the portable’s release? No loaded questions or Jack trickery here. Just a simple question to start the day, meant to generate som...

Deep Nintendological Thoughts #4: Death of the trade show

With Apple pulling out of MacWorld (for whatever the actual reason), and Nintendo’s own openly stated “alternative development” approach to E3 from here on forward, the future of the trade show conference is looking more grim with each passing day. That’s right, folks, ze Leipzig is dead. Anyone going to miss trade shows in this instant news gratification Internet era we li...

Deep Nintendological Thoughts #3: Fictional Labels

This year, as part of a belated New Year’s resolution, I vow to not use the terms “casual gamers” or “hardcore gamers.” This is a video game blog after all, and while we delve frequently into biased opinion, heated discussion, passionate reporting, and all sorts of other things in between, we’re not Sony PR, and we don’t do fiction.

Deep Nintendological Thoughts #2: Nintendo and My TV

Japanese TV execs are wetting themselves today over Nintendo’s big TV moves. Slowly but surely, I think Nintendo is dead set on taking over the entire world using nothing but the Wii and my television.

Deep Nintendological Thought #1: The Nintendo DS effect

I was looking over the great top DS games of 2008 that DS Fanboy has up today and I started thinking, as I am wont to do, about video games (especially Nintendo). It led to my first shot at an occasional Deep “Nintenological” Thought for the day: