deep thoughts

Deep, getting a bit too comfortable at the top thoughts

I never thought I’d say this, but for a company that has single-handedly saved and rejuvenated gaming, Nintendo sure is pumping out a lot of rehashes and lazy, uninspired sequels these days.

Deep online thoughts

Out of the blue, without any real fanfare or hype, many Wii games just kind of come with online functionality now, don’t they? When the hell did that happen?

Deep, parts of the game industry are still dying thoughts

Mario Kart DS still costs $35 and is seemingly locked into gaming’s top 10 for-ev-er. Grand Theft Auto IV, all $100 million of it, is bargain bin fare at about $30. Meanwhile, developers continue to close at record pace. And no, it’s not the economy, stupid. Good for Nintendo, but troubling for gaming. Past deep thoughts, of a more colorful nature, here. Inspiration here. If you’...