Miyamoto feels responsible for slugging Wii U sales

In an interview with Computer and Video Games, Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto opened up on why the Wii U has been off to a slow start this console generation. In part, Miyamoto feels he’s partially responsible that the Wii U hasn’t met the company’s expectations midway through 2013. CVG: Wii U has had a slow start. Do you personally feel the responsibility to help steer...

A Little Wii Backstory

  CVG have a great article about the story of the Wii. The whole thing is definitely worth reading, but I found this particularly interesting. Tom Quinn (above) is the man who invented the technology in your Wiimote today. He invented it for aeronautical reasons, as a method of auto-stabilising┬áhis aircraft, long before he pitched it as a gaming tool to Nintendo in 2001. Quinn actually aproac...

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