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The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Commercial
How Nintendo beats other game advertisements with references of awesome

There is just so much going on in this commercial, its a shame that it’s going to be cut down to 30 seconds or less. How many Zelda references can you count?

Classic Commercials – Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Very neat little commercial campaign.

Classic Commercials – Final Fantasy Advance

Hmm. Little weired if you ask me.

Video Game references for An Energy Drink?

This is a very awesomely done traditional/sprite animation done by a team of awesome artists. The art was done by PersonaSama A.K.A. Jonathan Kim who did the traditional hand drawn art, and Paul Robertson for the sprite animation. This is

Classic Commercials – Dr. Mario Game Boy – Japan


Classic Commercials – Final Fantasy III

Also known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan.