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Bits, bobs, and a fun fact from the 3DS world

Just a  little  gathering of 3DS mini-news and trivia: So far, so good for Nintendo Video: as promised, the company delivered three new 3D videos via Spotpass. Bearshark is, by far, the most fun and twisted of the bunch–and it’s

I see a bright future for 3DS

I’ve enjoyed the recent discussions of 3DS here, pros and cons…even the criticisms from people who haven’t purchased it or even played the dang thing to any real extent yet. There are a few key points I’d like to make

So many possibilities…

I’ll try to keep this post from turning into a nauseating flood of gushing praise; after all, nothing’s perfect and the 3DS has some problems we’re all aware of—some temporary, some probably permanent. In the past week, however, I’ve experienced

Second Impressions: An update from Wasteland

Minor spoilers ahead. I originally jumped into Epic Mickey without reading any reviews or recent comments; I still don’t really know what the rest of the Infendo crew thinks of the game (according to post comments, I’m on one side