Bad Game Descriptions

Infendo Radio 504 – Get Ready For Bad Game Descriptions

Welcome to Infendo Radio 504! This week, Eugene returns after his short paternity leave to join Lukas and Steve. After a short news roundtable, we play Bad Game Descriptions and then answer your questions from the Question Block!

Infendo Radio 497 – All Aboard The e3 Hype Train!

It's e3 week, and we have a one heck of a show for you! Aside from talking all about e3, we play Bad Game Descriptions, and answer your questions from the question block!

Infendo Radio 487 – It’s Time for the Infendo Shuffle!

Thank you for joining Infendo Radio! This week, we spin the Wheel of Infendo to find out what we will be talking about in the Infendo Shuffle! Then, we play a round of Bad Game Descriptions hosted by Lukas, and finally we read your Patreon questions in the Question Block!