Infendo now serving 13,000 RSS subscribers

Stat boy, here: I checked the number of Infendo RSS subscribers recently and was pleasently surprised to find 13,000 of you in there. We’re not the multimedia tycoon we soon plan to be (look out IGN), but dem’s some respectable numbers for a boutique outfit like Infendo. Thanks, everyone! And be sure subscribe to the site if you haven’t already, which can be done by the aformenti...

Happy birthday,!

Hey everyone, Infendo quietly turned four years old today. Happy birthday! In commemoration, please do us a solid and spill your guts on how and when you first discovered the site, and what kept you coming back. Cheers!

Open for business

I will be posting the first article shortly, which will explain the reason for starting this blog, namely why I chose the unorthodox Japanese company, what it does well, what it needs to improve on, and challenging the idea that if something is made for a younger audience, it must equals less fun. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Nintendo is unique in that they are the on...