Survey Results

I’m not surprised. Zelda takes the crown by far. Be sure to check out the new and improved survey. A little less mini with a whole lot more. You guys can now view the results and I think it’s a little cleaner. Let me know if you prefer the old skool and thanks for voting.


  1. I’d have thought Metroid would get more votes than Mario, ah well.

  2. I’d have thought Mario would get more votes than Zelda, ah well.

  3. Me likes the new graph style.

    Can you name a Nintendo franchise that stinks?

    (hmmm, on second thought… there has yet to be a good Starfox game since the N64)

  4. There hasn’t been a good Donkey Kong game since the arcade version, either.

  5. Mario shuldve won…

  6. Starfox Assault is cool, so I Donkey Konga! :D:D

  7. so IS* Donkey Konga, sorry

  8. What games do most copy today? Mario! It is the best ever!!

  9. Hehe go Zelda ! Just because no one said it yet 😉

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