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34% from last week said you will buy this Micro come this Monday. That’s a little higher than other game sites but in case you didn’t notice, this is an unofficial Nintendo site, kiddies welcome. Thanks for voting and be sure to fill out the new mini survey.

I personally think a price drop is eminent. When do you think that will happen? Also, for the nay sayers, would you buy at a lower price point? If so, how much should they drop it to?

[Source: Infendo]


  1. I’d buy it if it was cheaper for sure, but $99 bucks?
    Now way.
    $50 should be the max price for something like that.
    The i-pod mini was small
    becasue it was cheap, not for the sake of being small.
    Slick ais not enough.

  2. Couldn’t agree more.
    Still I am pretty sure that I’ll get a GBM. Maybe not right away, but by Christmas….
    I love that fact that it is sooo portable 😀

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