Survey Results

In case you didn’t already know, this is a Nintendo news site. I thought the DS or GBA might pull an upset, but I was proven wrong. Thanks to all that voted and be sure to hedge your bet on this week’s poll regarding what Nintendo will announce at next week’s GDC.

[Thanks, MisterInvisible for the new poll idea]


  1. I’ll bet there were a lot of people like me that checked ALL of the boxes (since we own all these consoles and then some)!

  2. Yeah, I think it was cool that we could check off more than one item (although I only checked GameCube).

    I’m very surprised to see there are more Cube owners than the other gear, though. Especially surprising to see more DS than GBA, since the GBA has been out so much longer than the DS.

    Thanks for going with my poll idea! Less than a week to vote on this one, folks!

  3. Just to let you know that we don’t have access to your voting from Safari on Mac.


  4. Babble is right .. I just tried using Safari and it shows the poll, but you’re unable to select which option you want. Weird. I’ve been a Firefox convert for a while now .. it’s way better than Safari.

  5. I disagree with you, Mr. Invisible, I find Firefox to be a bit sluggish.

  6. You actually can vote in Safari, I just realized, by using tab until your choice is highlighted and then hitting space to select it

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