Strange Earthbound Speculation

For those who don’t know, Shigesato Itoi was the producer of Mother and Mother 2, the Japanese name for the Earthbound series on the NES. Now his website has an odd image from a live webcam looking through a fish tank at a large Mr. Saturn doll. Creepy. Some are saying that there may be some Earthbound news on the horizon, but the webcam reveals nothing.

You can find the video here.


  1. Oh man Earthbound news would be sweet. I was sad when the other news turned out to be just the game from Marvelous (not that that game doesn’t look cool). Too bad NOA never wisened up and released the Earthbound combo cart in NA. Sigh, at least I got a copy of the Japanese version.

  2. Wasn’t there a Mother 3 for GBA on one of the Amazon Japan pages?

  3. I don’t think it’s NOA’s decision to do such things. More on that later…

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