Speculation: Is the Wii U a stop-gap console?

After looking at the current situation with the Wii U and the upcoming Quality of Life platform being announced just eighteen months after the launch of the former console It seems Nintendo has been working on the QOL platform for a while and it wasn’t ready to show yet, so Nintendo decided to refresh the ageing Wii console and renew the brand with the Wii U.

There has been similar strategies used in the past, Sega revised the Sega Genesis/Megadrive hardware several times to keep their position in the marketplace (the 32X add-on was originally conceived as a whole new console) while they developed the ill-fated Sega Saturn.

So do you think this could be true or can Nintendo handle three separate platforms on the market?

Colin Crompton is an avid Nintendo fan since playing ocarina of time and Loves Nintendo handhelds since the GBA. He currently enjoys his 3DS XL. NNID Col1990