Sony ships 1M PS3s in North America; Nintendo 4m?

CES is happening in Las Vegas this week, and both Sony and Nintendo have used the geeky atmosphere to promote their most up-to-date hardware numbers.

In the blue corner (get it?) Sony said it has shipped 1 million consoles to North America since launch, and will hit 6 million shipped by March. The number, they say, confirms that all manufacturing woes have been overcome. In the red corner, Nintendo says it is set to confirm that 4 million consoles were sold by the end of 2006. O, ye olde shipped versus sold numbers game, will you ever get old? Probably not, I’m thinking, since Sony has proven over the past year it will forever be full of ship.

So, it would appear that the race to sell 6 million consoles on time (March 2007) is still going strong. Who will win? I have no clue, and I guess I don’t really care, but my guess is it’s probably going to be whichever company has the least number of consoles sitting on the shelves not being sold. And the best games, natch.