So you say games are stale. Then what kinds do you want?

Game ideas for WiiFrom the “Infendo steals Doughboy’s ideas” file…

@ the boy who likes to (and everyone else on infendo)”¦ I am also sick of the same “”¦running, shooting and driving [games]”¦”. Let’s get creative. We keep stating that Nintendo and the game companies need to just come up with more original/new genres of games. Like what? I have an idea for a post/contest: What is your idea for a Nintendo game (Wii, DS or possibly combo of both together)? Let’s help out the companies, come up with some ideas for some genres we would like to see.

So how about it, Infendo? Shall we put our money where our mouth is? In the past, I’ve said I yearn for a return to adventure games with a Wii twist of some kind. This isn’t an entirely “new” idea though, so I’ll open the floor to the readers to start brainstorming ideas. Any contest ideas are up to master Blake, so for now this is just a comment free for all. Winner gets pride and the admiration of his/her peers. What say you all?