So long, Wii downtime. Hello, Wii timekiller

i{content: normal !imporI know i’m neither the first or the last to be this cheesy, but i’m typing this from Wii Opera beta. Yes, it just went online in this hemisphere a few moments ago and you can download it now. Those droughts you heard Reggie lying about earlier (allegedly)? Kaput, gone because you can all now welcome the wide world of YouTube and flash games on your big screen, among other *ahem* things that make the time pass a little quicker and the internet – as well as your Wii – a tiny bit more fun. Plus, it loads a lot faster than your 8-year-old Gateway. Or is that just me…?

God, i wish this thing could highlight text.

[Text by Wii. Pic, links and this note courtesy of Mozilla and flickr.]