Smashing Baby!

Nintendo sold 160,000 units of Nintendogs in its first weekend in Europe. Looks like the fine folks across the pond enjoy the game as much as the US and Japan. The game also helped explode DS sells which are up 400-700% accross Europe.

Has a game ever been this big in all three regions of the world?

[Source: Games Industry]


  1. No.

  2. er, Pokemon?

    Good to see Nintendo doing well!

  3. Yeah, Pokemon. But that took two or three years to be released worldwide (more of a trend type of thing), so the sales figures aren’t as impressive.

    (But does anyone even remember the days when Pokemon wasn’t a worldwide craze and just a good game?)

    How many copies do you think Nintendogs can sell worldwide? I’m guessing at least 3 mil.

  4. I do: 1998.

  5. What about WoW ?
    Anyway…great success 😀
    But it is a great game, so what do you expect 😉

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