Smash My Revolution

A few guys are doing what they call a “social experiment” and frankly it’s pretty funny. The group is going to pre-order a Revolution, and after picking it up on the day of the release, will unbox the thing and smash it in front of fanboys alike. Yeah, “social experiment” is about right.

They will be video taping the incident along with the same for an iPod, 360 and PS3. They are now taking donations, not that it would be worth your buck but funny none-the-less. Thanks Steve!



  1. Spending around $1300 on consumer electronics devices that some homeless guy would have sold for food and shelter, and then destroying them to piss a bunch of people off. Sounds like a great idea to me! How about, instead of smashing an expensive toy, they donate the money to the Red Cross or the American Cancer Society? Oh yeah, that’d be too productive. Why be productive when you could break a game console? Why would you want to help keep somebody from dying, when you could make the day of a bunch of neutral onlookers slightly less pleasant instead? Pure genious! I smell Nobel Prize! Hey, here’s a great idea for one of these fine social experiments; You send me $350, and I’ll shoot a nun in the face! Hot shit, I’ll go register right away! Sorry guys, I really, honest to god, hate being a party pooper, but this is stupid on a whole new level. There are no winners here, only losers, suckers, assholes, and losers. Such is life, I guess. And, all that said, it would be funny to see the expression on people’s faces.

  2. It’s their money. If they want to smash something they paid for, let them.

  3. Hmm I edit my last statement and say –

    If others are stupid enough to donate to their cause, let them.

  4. “It’s their money. If they want to smash something they paid for, let them.”
    That’s the problem with life, what would seem criminal is actually quite justifiable in accordance to ruling class ideology. And there is nothing we can do to stop it. :'(
    Ah well, even though it’s a complete absurdity that people would choose to donate money to a worthless cause, at least I can take some comfort in knowing that karma might one day (hopefully) catch up to haunt them. Just let it be, nothing can stop it.

  5. O.o some people do everything to get attention…..
    I agree with NintendoGal…they can do whatever they want with their money..
    BUT I also agree with Spud to a certain degree….I think they are idiots.

  6. I wouldn’t get angry at this, but i would likely cringe seeing it happen. I’d prob chuckle. The funniest part would be the fanboy reaction. Speaking of, i’m already laughing…:X

  7. It’s been done before, the ultra fan boys will all mock whichever console is least durable etc etc.

    In time it’ll all be forgotten.

  8. Judging on looks (and IGN impressions), i think PS3 will get killed fastest.

  9. What morons. They’re not proving anything. I like how all the people praising their “Smash My iPod” site have no money to afford one, and can’t even cough up the $3 dollars for the cause they supposedly support SO much. Not only that, but they’re all screaming about how much they hate iPods, and then they go and donate money to support the PURCHASE OF AN IPOD? Hello? What a bunch of losers.

  10. “All they are proving is that North Americans truly are completely and utterly foolish…”

    nah, don’t worry. most of the world already knew that.

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