Smash Bros. Dojo goes live!

Official Smash Brothers site “Smash Bros. Dojo!! (SmaburaKen in Japanese)” goes live as a billingual web page run by the series’ director Masahiro Sakurai, along the lines of the last SmaburaKen website that Sakurai created leading up to the release of Smash Bros. Melee, which could only be in Japanese at the time. So far the website doesn’t have much that hasn’t already been released besides some nice in-game screenshots, a translated article about the game from Japanese magazine famitsu, and an mp3 download of the theme-song. Sakurai says on the main page however, that he plans to update the site more once he gets further into the swing of developing the game. Let’s hope this site will prove to be a good source of information on the game leading up to its release. Thanks for the tip, Jamie!