Sir Miyamoto

4 color rebellion has posted probably the coolest photo ever in order to illustrate the upcoming knight-hood of (soon to be) “Sir” Shigeru Miyamoto. Oh yeah, game designers Michel Ancel and Frédérick Raynal will also be knighted, but there are no cool pictures of them on the sight. Le sigh. I really hope all of Miyamoto’s following games have his name in big shiny gold letter’s at the top like a Daniel Steel novel: “Sir Shigeru Miyamoto’s Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.” Photoshopped game boxes to come.


  1. Yeah! He´ll be knighted on March13th

  2. The French don’t have a monarchy! :-S

    I’m not calling him Sir Miyamoto till he’s kneeing before my Queen! 😛

  3. France is not a monarchy, so he will not be “knighted”.

    Most likely, condecorated.

  4. Miyamoto = GOD.

  5. I read that the honor is an admittance to the French Order of Arts and Letters (‘Ordre des Arts et des Lettres’). The title “Sir” is English, so I doubt he’ll get that!

  6. As stated, the french dont have a monarchy, they would rather have ‘the reign of terror’ and Napoleon Bonaparte >.>

    Still, awesome news for Miyamoto!

  7. OH GEEZ everyone is just commenting on the small mistake dafonk made about Miyamoto being knighted and totally forgetting the issue. Its not dafonks fault I have seen plenty of websites that say Miyamoto is being knighted! Obviously that only a British thing, but still Miyamoto is being given an award that is as honorable as being knighted or receiving The US Medal of Honor. No one affiliated with video games has ever received this award. This is a great day for Miyamoto, Nintendo, and all us die hard Nintendo fans.

    Vive le revolution

  8. You know what’s awesome? When ppl say “Viva le Revolution” in regards to Revolution. That never gets old!

  9. I’m French, and yeah it’s really
    “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres”,
    “chevalier” means knight.

    But it does not give the right to be named “Sir”, as in England.

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