Shocking Leipzig news: Elebits is multiplayer

Another Wii-only title is getting some love in Leipzig. This time it’s Konami’s as of yet unnamed game featuring those strange little bundles of energy, the Elebits. We’ve already heard a few tidbits about these Elebits in the past, mainly that the world is an interactive one where you sneak up on the energy-dealing creatures or scare them out into the open, but the “new” news from Germany is that a fully playable demo was showcased — and it was multiplayer.

The multi-player bit: “Konami is using Games Convention to show the Wii title for the first time, and has also revealed of the game’s immersive two-player mode, allowing players to compete against each other to find Elebits or work co-operatively.” Kicking Elebit butt, co-op style. Not bad.