Hey there guys! I’m here to give you a review on the game RoundGuard! How’s everyone doing? Are you guys staying safe? I hope so! We all need to beat this virus as soon as possible! Alright enough chit chat, let’s hit it!

In Roundguard, you play as a cute, round character who will continuously get shot out of a canon towards enemies and avoiding spikes just to get reloaded and do it all over again!

What I like about this game: The levels are very quick. You can hop in, play a level, and get out to get on with your day in about 10 minutes. That makes it perfect to to hop in between games, get a level done, and continue with my day. The art is simple yet I love it! I love the cartoon art, it just puts a smile on my face! It’s also very easy to pick up and play! To be completely honest with you guys, I did not think I think I would like this game, yet I pulled the trigger and did it and I do not regret it at all!

Much to my own shock, I can’t think of a problem I have with this game. I truly enjoy going back in, firing my character at some enemies, do their special moves every now and then, then reload and get back to it! I can’t wait to play through the rest of this game!

So that’s what I think, but what about you guys? It’s set at a $20 price point on the Eshop and ya know what, I think it’s worth it for the sessions you will hop in an have, whether it’s spending only a few minutes a day, or working on it for hours in one go! It truly is an interesting experience that I haven’t seen a game do yet and this Plinko-like game just works for me! I hope you stop and take a look at it as well, you will be pleased if you do!